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Sale Description:
Suntronics LED Inc
Customer Service Center was established in November 2006, has overall responsibility for all products in the pre-sales, after-sales service. Customer Service Center has established a perfect service system, by a strong, well-trained, skilled service team. Now our customer service center consists of a dozen highly skilled and experienced technical support engineers, with overall responsibility for worldwide technical support. Customer service centers are continuing to improve the level of service and quality, the greatest degree of assurance for our customers and provide a strong material security. For timely and efficient manner to meet customer demand, the company has set up in China in Shanghai, Shenyang, Xi'an, Shenzhen and four maintenance office, within 24 hours to ensure the timely arrival of the project site.
Pre-sale: Product technical program development, site investigation program to determine
Sale: Steel production guidance, screen installation instructions, product training
Sale: product failure warranty service, customer care visit services, remote telephone support, customer complaint handling

Service Convention:
Polite reception every customer, patiently listening to the views of users, eliminating concerns.
Service personnel should be unified with on-site service work clothes, wearing a work card, tool kits, civil construction.
Prohibited from soliciting or accepting any gift remuneration to clients.
On-site service should pay attention to not damage customer goods, after the service to try to check, clean up and restore the site.
Service personnel after the completion of repair work to be self-test, strict checks to ensure maintenance of quality, in terms of quality warranty period, the customer according to the normal operation and normal maintenance quality problems free repair.
Site maintenance conditions permit, you can give the customer a second training to meet customer needs.
After the service, customers evaluate and make relevant recommendations on the quality of our products and engineers in the installation and maintenance record form.

Customer Service Center:
(256) 978.5506 Clevey White - Operations Manager & Sales
(256) 762.6697 Bruce Leech-President

Service concept:
User-centric, service as a fundamental. There will be complex, there will be complaints.
Service objectives:
Users would like to think, worry about the user's, to meet customer demand for the first goal.